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Why Does My Brother Printer Keep Going Offline and Fix It Instantly

Brother printer offline

The Brother printer is often offline. This occurs due to a variety of reasons specifically WiFi power supply and connectivity problems. Brother Printer offline is not one of them as it has its fair share of problems. Problems with printers could result from overload, or an issue related to the driver, or perhaps the network is having connectivity issues and loose connections could be the cause. Problems can occur any time an issue with the hardware of your system can’t be ruled out. The cause is different and only a thorough examination can identify the real root of the issue, and therefore remedial steps are feasible.

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Printers are highly sensitive devices that can react quickly and can send a “printer offline message, even if there is only a small change from the supply of power. This is a common feature of every printer since a drop in power can adversely affect the performance that the printer is able to provide. In certain instances, it is a simple reboot of this device required to bring it back on. If the “offline” issue occurred due to the fact that the user had made changes to the computer, then it’s a legitimate issue.

To turn back “online” after an issue that is valid there is a set of steps you need to take to let the printer be online:

  1. Open the printers’ “start” menu. Click on the ‘control panel’, then select the ‘printers and Fax icons. The sequence of actions will open another window and the list of printers will show. The list contains all printers installed on the server computer.
  2. Double click on the icon of the printer, if the user would like to reconnect to the internet. A pop-up window will be displayed, which will contain information about all the current print jobs scheduled for the printer.
  3. And lastly, click “printer” in the menu and then tap “use offline printer” instantly this action will connect the printer that is online from its offline status.

The procedure is very easy, as it can turn a brother printer offline into an active status which means that printing jobs that are in the queue can continue. Anyone can perform the procedure quickly by following the easy instructions provided in this article.

Be aware that a Brother Printer offline shouldn’t be the reason to panic, but solutions to bring it back online are readily available for customer security.

Why is My Brother Printer Appearing Offline?

When you print something using an electronic device, you might often notice that your printer appears offline. There are a variety of reasons for this, and most are easily solved.

This is also true for printers produced by Brother also. Although the solutions might differ from model to model the guidelines in this article will cover the majority of situations.

Troubleshooting Tips to Deal With Brother Printer Offline Issue

Why does a Printer Appears Offline?

If you’ve ever encountered that “Printer Offline” message when trying to print something It could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The printer isn’t working.
  2. Your printer isn’t connect.
  3. The printer you’re trying to use isn’t your default printer.
  4. A previous print job has been relegated to the queue for printing.
  5. The printer is Offline or in Paused mode.
  6. There are several versions of the identical printer.
  7. Your printer driver on your operating system doesn’t work correctly.

It’s actually not that difficult to resolve the majority of this issue yourself.

No Power

The first thing you should do when your printer appears to be down is to verify that it’s power on. If your printer is equippe with an LCD screen, verify that it’s blank. If you don’t see any screen Check if any of your LEDs are on.

Your printer does not appear to be working then press the “Power” button on the printer. If it doesn’t come back up, make sure you check the cable which connects the printer to the outlet that powers it. It could be that the cable isn’t tight enough or the outlet isn’t receiving electricity.

If everything is fine and your printer is on, you should check if there are any errors on its LCD display. There are, consult the manual of your printer for the type of error and how to fix the issue.

If none of these steps resulted in improvement, it’s time for you to move to the next step.

Not Connected

It is the next thing to determine whether the connection between the printer and your computer working correctly.

To test USB connections, make sure that each end of your cable can fit snugly into either port. Be sure to avoid using USB extensions or hubs. It is essential to establish an unimpeded USB link between your printer and computer.

If you are using local networks, be sure that the Ethernet cable isn’t loose at the printer’s end. The other end is usually connect to a router or switch. If you’re not able to connect to this, you can request your network administrator to assist you with this.

When connecting to Wi-Fi networks, you must check that your network is operating in a proper manner. You may want to reset your Wi-Fi router to ensure that this isn’t the problem.

Not Set as a Default Printer

After you’ve confirm that the printer is running in addition to being connect to your computer, you need to look at the software aspect of the issue. The first thing to check is if the printer that you’re trying to make use of is the default on your computer.

  1. Press the Windows button located in the lower left-hand corner. begin by typing “control panel” and then click on Control Panel.
  2. Now you can click on Hardware and Sound.
  3. Next Select Devices and Printers. You can also click the View device and printers option on the earlier screen.
  4. In the printers list, locate the printer you’d like to utilize. Make sure there’s a green checkmark on the icon for the printer. This indicates if the printer is configure as default.
  5. If you do not, click the icon for the printer and select to set it as the default printer.

This will make your printer go changing from offline status to online. If not, you should check in the following section.

A Print Job Got Stuck

If a file you’ve sent to the printer failed to print, it could be due to several reasons for the issue. For instance, the document is too large for your printer’s memory. Your computer may have gone to sleep when you sent your print jobs, damaging the process.

No matter the cause, you should determine if there are waiting for jobs in your printer’s queue.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 earlier to display the list of printers available.
  2. Next, you need to right-click the icon of your printer and then click to see what’s printing.
  3. The list of print jobs in the current printing will be available.
  4. Now select the Printer tab at top of the window, and choose to Cancel all documents to remove the queue for printing.
  5. If the Cancel All Documents option is greyed out, then click to open as administrator. Enter the administrator password, and click Yes to enable this option.

It can be that there weren’t any stuck jobs waiting to print. Maybe clearing the queue wasn’t enough in bringing your printer up and running. If that’s the case, proceed on to the following section.

Printer Status Changed

It could happen that your system has set the printer’s status automatically. Offline or in a state of Paused.

Right-click the printer’s icon to look to see if the Use Printer Offline or Stop Printing options are mark with an asterisk beside them. If so, you can click each option to de-check them.

Multiple Printers

There’s also the possibility that you have multiple copies of the printer running on your computer. This could happen in the event that you’ve connected your printer to an alternative USB connection on the computer. Additionally, installing the same driver multiple times will produce a second copy each time.

If you have multiple versions of the same printer you can hover over each one using your mouse until a status window appears. The printer you’re trying to locate will have “Status ready” within the display. Once you’ve located it, erase all others.

Printer Drivers

If none of these methods worked The last resort is to install the driver for your printer.

  • To do this go to the Brother Support page and click Downloads.
  • Follow the directions to download the most current driver for the printer you have. There are detail instructions to set up the driver on your own.

Brother Printer Online

I hope that any of these options were able to help you bring your printer working again. If you weren’t able to accomplish this by yourself, maybe it’s best to reach out to Brother Tech support directly. Did you manage to change your Brother printer from offline status to an online one? Which option worked for you? Do share your experience in the comments below.

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