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Google Home: The Best Voice Assistant on the Market

Google Home

One of the best-selling, and most commonly bought smart devices on the market are Smart Speakers that come built in with voice assistants. They especially garnered a lot of attention in 2020 during the Pandemic as more and more people were staying in and experimenting with these smart devices.

With all the hype created on social media which displays voice assistants in videos mostly on Instagram and TikTok, consumers are naturally confused about all the different options that are available to them. Having to choose and decide between all of them can also be time-consuming and quite frankly overwhelming.  If you’re looking to establish yourself as a social influencer it’s crucial to target the masses and my editech house can help you with your posts in bringing them to the largest number of Instagram users.

From the multiple options available such as the Amazon Echo which is widely popularized by its infamous Alexa, The Google Home (or Google Nest) featuring Google Assistant, and Apple’s HomePod mini with Siri are the only commonly purchased smart speakers.

The Google Home smart speaker series is one of the main competitors of the Amazon Echo, especially after Apple backed out of the race by discontinuing its Apple HomePod and focusing on the HomePod mini instead. However, the best voice assistant and a user friendly one available on the market, according to our opinion is the Google Assistant, found in Google Home devices like the Google Nest Mini, the Nest Hub Max, and the Nest Audio.

Why Go For the Google Assistant

Amongst the wide variety of Nest devices that Google has introduced, the Google Nest Mini is one of the most popular ones when it comes to smart speakers featuring voice assistants. The Nest range of smart devices are popular anyway because of their wide range of smart home devices that offer different products for different categories. Whether it is about affordability, design or the features, there is almost always something for everyone.

1. Google Smart Speakers Are Affordable with Rich Sound Quality.

If you’re looking at a smart speaker that does everything via voice control, that too in a smaller size and a lower price point, then the Nest Mini is the one for you. Available at $49, it is more affordable as opposed to other smart speakers. There is also the Nest Audio, retailing for $99.99 that boasts 50% more bass and is 75% louder than any other smart speaker on the market.  

2. Keeps User Information Safe and Private.

As privacy is one of the major concerns of consumers when it comes to smart devices, given that data is easily accessible in this technological age, especially when it comes to virtual assistants, the best part about the Google Assistant is that although it is always listening to its surrounding environment, it doesn’t necessarily record whatever you say until you say the command words which is usually “Hey, Google.” Other than that, users can also assign custom command words as per their requirements!

3. Interconnectivity of Other Smart Devices.

The feature used to create custom commands for your Google Home devices is called ‘Routines.’ With routines, users can not only assign the Google Assistant to take different actions through simple commands but they can also sync them across other smart devices as well.

Syncing different smart devices allows for you to simultaneously have control over multiple smart devices just with your voice. For example, you can set up a schedule for Google Assistant to turn off the security cameras installed inside your home once you’re home using your phone location. Or similarly have schedules set for your smart lights to follow throughout the day, without you having to lift a finger.

Google Assistant can be compatible with smart devices of several other brands of smart home devices. You won’t necessarily be limited to using Google devices.

4. Understands Different Languages and Accents.

You can customize and play with all the settings available to you in the Google Home app! Users can also learn how to how to change Google Home accent as well. There is also the option to choose between a range of voices and accents that range from a softer voice to a much deeper voice as well as languages. Additionally, if you want a celebrity to address you all day you can even choose between different celebrity voice options! The most popular of these voices for the Google Assistant is mostly John Legend’s.

Final Thoughts

Amazon’s Alexa definitely would give users a tough choice when it comes to deciding which voice assistant and smart speaker brand is superior, given that it was considered the pioneer of smart speakers. However, Google’s Assistant and its smart speakers and hubs have quickly earned a spot with the industry’s top contenders.

With all the amazing features available on the Google Home app, which can be easily utilized through the Google Assistant, that too with pretty reasonable price tags it definitely is the best option available. And if you’re already an Android or Google Pixel user, this option should be a no-brainer!

Looking to purchase or get more information about the Google Smart speakers? Head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website and check out the best of Google’s smart speakers and hubs.

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