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5 Things That Make Kids Fashion Savvy?


We all want to look and feel good about ourselves. But the adage that girls are more fashion-savvy than boys still holds significance. Be it a little kid or a teenage girl, the essence of fashion will increase with age and time. To be in style is a state of mind. More specifically fashion is a spirit or an extension of oneself.  Modern-day fashion consists of unique garments and different beauty trends. Designer-made contemporary dresses and the renaissance of vintage fashion are also spectacular ways among kids to look stylish.

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What makes kids Fashion-savvy?

Recent statistics highlighted the growth in the kids’ fashion industry, especially in children’s apparel and footwear. Its value is estimated to be billions of dollars. Parents tend to spend more on their children. Plus fashion-oriented nature of their children influences them to shop more. Therefore, what makes children fashion savvy is no longer a mystery. Here is the list of five facts highlighted to explain how kids develop their fashion sense.

Fashion Consciousness

Girls are very much fashion-obsessed creatures on earth. Fashion consciousness can go back to the age of two. Wearing pink is the first fashion that girls usually encounter at a very young age. As they grow up, they start becoming more self-conscious and get worried about their looks. Taking care of what looks good and feeling comfortable in clothes plays a significant role in shaping their fashion sense. Sporty shirts, track pants, or shirts with prints of the most popular cartoon and movie characters make kids fashion-oriented. All thanks to the tech revolution, 21st-century kids are very much up to date with the recent trends.

Social Influences

Young girls love to imitate anything from friends or celebrities as long as it looks cool or in style. They follow the fashion trends quickly and make an instant change in their wardrobe. Peer pressure and society affect kid’s daily choices. Moms inspire the girl’s life in countless ways and help them to create a unique fashion sense. Besides friends, fashion-savvy kids use media and magazines to evaluate the upcoming fashion trends. They idealize celebrities and gain inspiration. Duplication gives them a sense of belonging and helps them to bolster their self-esteem.

Self-Expression through Fashion

Clothing in different styles, colors, and sizes helps people to demonstrate their personalities. For example, kids develop their sense of self through the style of clothes they use to wear. Teenagers make fashion statements to express themselves, their affiliations and gain social status among friends and family.

Fashion is all about being comfortable in your skin. Translating self-esteem into a personal style is fashion. In other words fashion and self-expression go hand in hand with a profound impact on lifestyle. Following fashion is incredibly important for kids and girls because it gives them a way forward to showcase their image.

Frequent Change in Fashion Trends

Fashion is not just limited to clothing. Shoes, jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle all come in fashion. The ever-changing fashion trends force kids and parents to update their wardrobes. Culture, tradition, and people’s needs influences fashion. Kids keeping with that change explore their social values and develop a sense of identity. All thanks to frequent changes in fashion trends for giving an edge to kids to represent their cultural values, as they have myriad choices to look beautiful.

Shop to Cure Depression

No matter how fast the world is changing around us, one thing that will remain the same is that girls are the shoppers of this world. They have an insatiable appetite to keep up with the latest and greatest fashion fades and beauty trends. They shop to cheer up in their free time and to numb the feeling of dissatisfaction. Shopping encourages them to feel in charge because they tend to shop for themselves and their family members. Shopping is a liberating way that helps girls to control their destiny because it feels fantastic to buy what you want and when you want.

Bottom line

Not all children have the freedom to choose their clothes, but most of them make choices. Kids are very much conscious about their looks among friends and family from a very young age. Social influences have exacerbated this need. Some teenage kids especially girls, want to look good to achieve happiness and peer approval. Gradually, they become fashion savvy because they love following fashion trends and making good self-expression.

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