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Interesting Tourist Places to Visit in Hungary

Places to Visit in Hungary

Bordered by seven countries together. And those are as follows – Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, and Serbia. Hungary is found within the heart of Central Europe. With the beautiful baroque design, rich history, brilliant churches, lush wine-making regions, stunning lakes, thick forests, and exquisite national parks. Hungary is full of a variety of wonderful traveler places. The country features a distinct culture and an upscale heritage, creating it one of the foremost attractive destinations for guests around the world.

This stunning country is influenced by its superiors. Which is clear in its fascinating culture and architecture. If you’re planning to head out to Hungary, don’t think much. Just start packing, book air canada reservations online and save up to 35% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. To help you out, scroll down and let us assist you along with your trip-planning with our recommendations of the places to go to in Hungary: –


Budapest, the capital town of Hungary is famous worldwide for its stunning location on the Danube banks, restful natural thermal baths, and exquisite architecture. Referred to as one OF the foremost attractive places in Europe. Budapest could be an excellent destination for music lovers, boast world-class classical music and a vivacious nightlife that appeals to children and couples alike. The best places to go to in Hungary embrace the Great Synagogue, Buda Castle or Royal Palace, House of Terror, Parliament, Basilica of St. Stephen, Hungarian State theater, and Memento Park.


Tihany could be a tiny historic village that’s settled on the border of Lake Balaton. One of the foremost beautiful lakes in Europe. This place is tiny and filled with many stunning places. And covering only eight sq. kilometers showcases a number of Hungary’s most exceptional picturesque scenes.

Designated as a nature reserve. Tihany is additionally famous for hills, rural areas, night-life on the south shore, and wineries on the north coast. 


Settled close to the Croatian border. Pecs could be a city with rich history and art that draws tourists from across the world. With pleasant weather and environmental conditions throughout the year. The city is crowded with travelers who come to visit the ancient architectural landmarks. Here are – medieval buildings, a light climate, fine wines, and magnificent museums. That are the finest things that make Pecs an incredible destination and a worth visiting location too.


Szentendre may need the makings of a little city. It is a culturally charming destination. Wherever you’d like to wander on foot on winding cobbled streets, complimentary the sweetness of white-trimmed structures finished with beaming pastel shades. 

With its beautiful natural setting. Szentendre is a perfect place to experience a number of the town’s finest monumental sights, bars, shops, museums, restaurants, and galleries. It is recommended that you should visit this stunning destination throughout Szentendrei Nyár. The Szentendre Summer competition happens between June to August. With popular music genres, dance, Jazz, and theatre performances, the competition attract several guests. 


Debrecen, the second biggest town after Budapest. Which attracts guests with its natural beauty along with a novel history. Over the years, the city has grown as a full-of-life and progressive city with a vivacious nightlife and regular street festivals happening all throughout the year. The Kerekerdo Adventure Park is one of the astonishing Hungary points if you’re traveling with kids. 


With a rich history and enticing charm. Eger is one of the foremost entrancing cities in northern Hungary. It’s a tiny town with monuments, pastel-colored homes, and squares. And this stunning town boasts a number of the most awe-inspiring historical sites starting from churches and castles to basilicas and more. 

Situated on the Eger River. This traveler’s destination is known for neo-classicist and Baroque design and Vineyards of Eger. Some famous places in Eger, Hungary that you should visit here include – Magic Tower, Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Apostle, Eger Castle, County Hall, Kossuth Lajos Utca, and Lyceum.

Lake Balaton

Surrounded by volcanic mountains, thermal spa resorts, and vineyards. Lake Balaton is one of the beautiful places to go in Hungary. And each traveler should visit there. The city attracts everybody from music lovers to sun-seekers, foodies, and water sports fans. The northern shores of the lake showcase stunning historical sites, old villages, and nice wineries. The south part of the lake shows likes party scenes and is famous for water sports. 

In the Nutshell

In the end, we can say this blog will mesmerize you for sure. Hungary is such a lovely spot to visit. Along with the spectacular in its simplicity, a visit to Hungary allows you to revitalize as you witness idyllic sights. Create your own list and book your trip with and customize your travel package itself. Visit now and experience this destination in all its glory! Bon Voyage!

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