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How to choose birthday flowers? The guide for all occasions!

How to choose birthday flowers

How to choose birthday flowers

The flowers are lovely, the birthday too. Combining the two can only be doubly remarkable! Giving a bouquet for a person’s birthday is often underestimated. We often think of flowers exclusively for romantic occasions, graduations, or the birth of a child.

The flowers are many and consequently also the bouquets that can be recreated. Furthermore, each flower has its meaning, its colour and its perfume. In short, finding a bouquet that makes the celebrated person’s eyes shine is not at all difficult!

The birthday flowers are perhaps the most traditional gift and the most pleasing that we can give to those we care about. Flowers for a birthday can express emotions and communicate our feelings even better than words. Furthermore, they can excite, make the person who receives them feel precious and loved.

But giving flowers for a birthday is not such a trivial undertaking. According to the recipient, finding the most suitable flower is a kind of art that requires careful consideration. Partners, friends, relatives, colleagues: here is the etiquette for saying ‘happy birthday’ with flowers.


Chrysanthemums are a type of flower with a thousand meanings. When it comes to versatility, “chrysanthemum” peeps out from around the corner. This flower is exploited for many occasions, thanks to its easy availability, appearance, and colours. It is often linked to the dead, but at the same time, chrysanthemums are flowers that express great happiness and commitment to things in life, such as study.

To overcome the problem that can arise when a gift meets the most rooted prejudice, we have two solutions: give a bouquet where there are not only chrysanthemums, or attach a lovely greeting card to explain the reason for your choice. In the first case, we can recommend chrysanthemums and roses, chrysanthemums and lilies, or mix them with gerberas or calla lilies. As for the card, we report an example of a message that can be attached to a bouquet of chrysanthemums:

Your grace and particularity always remind me of the flowers represented in many Japanese prints: chrysanthemums. So I thought I’d congratulate you on these flowers so that you always maintain a special aura of elegance and positivity and so that you can be happier every day of your life.


Roses are perhaps the flower that most represents the bouquet in collective thinking. In particular, giving a bouquet of roses is seen as a lover’s gesture, which expresses passion and love. But, in truth, roses can take on different meanings and are therefore perfectly suitable as a birthday present.

Let’s not forget that a bouquet can also represent a wish and not just a declaration. For example, if you opt for a bouquet of red roses, you can specify in the greeting card that your choice was made based on the wish you wish to give to the birthday: a life full of love and passion! In the same way, you can reason by providing a bouquet with orange roses, wishing the loved one to keep beauty and charm forever.


Tulips represent a breath of fresh air. They are one of the symbols of spring, and they have a delicate scent and an elegant and contained shape. Giving a bouquet of tulips can be a great idea for the birthday gift of someone you care about. Considering the colours, a perfect tulip for a birthday bouquet is purple: this colour, in particular, linked to the tulip, represents rebirth. What better wish, especially for a friend who has had a hectic year?

On the other hand, when you want to give a bouquet of tulips in the name of happiness and positivity, it will be the turn of the yellow tulips: the wish linked to these flowers is always to smile, always to see the sun that illuminates your way and that characterizes the days. And why not combine tulips with roses? Then, the bouquet will become more colourful, and the message will be even more intense.


Lilies symbolize sincerity and nobility of mind. Gerberas can represent joy, admiration and constancy. By giving a bouquet in shades of white composed of lilies and gerberas, you will express purity, which can serve as a complement to a person who is always faithful to himself, sincere, soap and water. At the same time, this bouquet can represent a wish for the person celebrated: you can wish her a life free of lies, full of truth and delicate, away from violence and trauma as much as possible.


Carnation is another versatile and gorgeous flower to look at and give as a gift. Its meanings range from love to affection to admiration. Also, it can be a wish for good luck. It goes beautifully with other flowers, giving life to colourful and fragrant bouquets, particular and scenography. Flora Queen offers you carnations combined with gerberas, roses or lilies.


Now it’s your turn: choosing a bouquet is a very personal act, and although you may be an expert in the meaning of flowers, you must always follow what your heart tells you to.

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