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How to Resolve Canon Printer Error 5100

Canon Printer Error 5100

Canon Printer Error 5100 usually appears when you have actually assigned any kind of printing job to the device. Usually, this Canon printer fault occurs as a result of paper jamming issues, printer cartridge fitting problems, etc.

Techniques to Resolve Canon Printer Error 5100

If you are seeking services to deal with Canon printer error 5100 then you will find it here. Thus, you can follow these steps to resolve the printer-related concern.

Paper Jam in the Canon Printer

It could be possible that there is a paper jam inside the printer which causes the printer error. So, you need to check it in order to repair the printer fault code. For this reason, take a look at the steps below to complete the task.

  • Check that there is no printer jam inside the sheet feeder tray. But, if there is any kind of paper then pulls it well otherwise, it may damage the device.
  • Also, by opening the printer result cover, check if there is any kind of paper inside the printer.
  • Check if there is any paper stuck on the inside or otherwise of the printer back panel. Then, you’ll need to fill the paper into the feeder tray once more.
  • Currently, turn on the printer after connecting the power line to a power electrical outlet. Then check if the Canon printer is at fault.

Printer Cartridge Installation

Often, the Canon printer error code 5100 can be caused by the printer’s ink cartridge. If there is some kind of operating problem with the printer ink cartridge then this could be the cause of the error. Thus, you need to reset the ink cartridge using these steps:

  • In the beginning, you have to open the front panel to check the ink cartridge. When you open that panel the cartridge will move and follow its replacement placement.
  • Check if the cartridge replacement position matches the ideal side of your Canon printer. Otherwise, you will then get a separate cartridge covering for it, and therefore, turn off the printer.
  • Currently, you need to lower the cartridge until the cartridge clicks. Then, you can take the cartridge out of the printer.
  • After that, you need to reset the printer cartridge. Check if you effectively reset the cartridge in its place or otherwise.
  • Lastly, you have to take the front cover off and then inspect it to see if it works.

Resetting the Printer

If the above services do not work in this regard then you can reset your Canon printer to resolve the error. Hence, you can follow the below guide to reset the printer.

  • Firstly, you need to press the power switch to turn off the power.
  • Then, you need to separate the power cable and information cable television from your Canon printer.
  • For that reason, you need to wait 10 to 12 minutes and then link the plug once again.
  • Finally, restart the printer and after that check, if the fault still persists or not.

Cleaning the Dirt in the Printer

If you do not keep the printer dust-free then eventually it will definitely lead to technical glitches like fault 5100. Therefore, you need to clean the printer. To begin, you will need to turn off the printer and then take a cloth to clean the exterior of the printer.

You can use a lint-free towel to clean the inside of the printer. But make sure that you do not cause any kind of physical damage to the gadget. Alternatively, you can use a hover or an air spare to clean the interior of the printer.

Resetting the Ink Absorber

Ink absorbers are used in Canon printers to absorb waste ink. This ink absorber sometimes triggers Canon printer fault code 5100. Therefore, you have to reset the ink absorber to fix the Canon printer error.

Press the power switch to reset the printer ink absorber. You will need to reconnect the power line while you are pushing as well as holding down the power switch. After that, release the Power button when the printer will of course turn on.

At last, you have to wait for some time and then press that Power switch once again.

Cleaning the Printing Strip

There is a clear plastic printing strip above the drive belt as well as on the back of the cartridge owner. It is one of the important parts of the printer as it maintains the printing process. If it gets dirty it can cause a printer fault (because the printing strip communicates with the printer head).

You need to do a preliminary check whether the printer encoder is tidy or not. You can also use a cotton bud with rubbing alcohol to wash off the printer strip. Keeping that wet cotton bud (after dipping it in) gently clean the encoder film.

  • Adjust it frequently when it’s unclean and see that you don’t need to touch the strip with your bare hand.
  • Ideally, you won’t find a Canon printer at fault when printing the documents you need. Therefore, you can use any one of the above techniques to rectify Canon printer error code 5100.
  • Now, you can currently use your Canon printer to print any type of record successfully and smoothly, providing superior printing high quality.

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