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The 3 old labels that we are used to knowing and which indicated the performance of the Tyres London are- wet conditions, exterior noise and fuel economy. Now the new system of European tyre labels has come to play. The European Commission introduced a new tyre label system in May 2021 to ensure a much better and safer drive.

The label aims to get people familiar with the right tyres when buying new ones. The new rule expects the buses and truck tyres to be labelled as well. They have introduced a new pictogram to accentuate tyres suitable for use in snowy and icy regions. The information that has now been brought in existence onto the tyre labels are mentioned below:-

? They have also mentioned the tyre’s item number.

? The size of the tyre, its speed index and load index

? The Ice and Snow handle icons.

? They have updated the code of rolling resistance and decibel level, ranked A to E and A to C respectively.

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  • Fuel Efficiency – tres have a huge impact on fuel economy and this indicates how environmentally friendly they are. Each tyre has its fuel efficiency mentioned on it, which is ranked by an alphabet and related colour. There’s an inverse relationship between the alphabet and fuel efficiency. The lower the letter is (A/B) the higher will be the fuel efficiency whereas, the higher the alphabet(G/H) the lower fuel efficiency will be considered. You should check the letter mentioned on the tyre before buying it, as a tyre with good fuel efficiency will reduce your bill on fuel.
  • External Noise – in this chaotic and busy life, noise pollution is an ongoing threat present in the life of people who are regular motorists and pedestrians. Vehicles that produce noise pollution affects the lives of civilization very harshly. The tyre noise rating is mentioned on the label in decibels. Many people are not familiar with the word decibels, so for such people, the label also has graphics are drawn on it mentioning one, two or three black sound waves. 
  • Wet Conditions – it is highly risky to drive on wet roads without proper handling. Wet road conditions can be a threat to the lives of regular drivers, so it is vital to analyze your vehicle’s performance while braking on wet roads. You will notice the rating of wet braking on your tyre label which is valued from A to F. In this case, the higher rating, say A and B will provide a shorter braking distance, which is quite safe for the person to drive on wet roads. Whereas a lower rating implies a lesser grip and will take longer to brake which is not safe. Therefore, for a stable drive, you should always for the higher rating.
  • Tyre Labels are a set of strips attached to tyre wall. The labels guide the safety inspectors when they re-test or check the tyres in the Service Centres.
  • The Tyre label is a tag or a label placed on to the tyre or under the carriage of a vehicle indicating the type of tyre fitted to the vehicle.


  • Pictograms For Snow And Icy Conditions – in addition to other labels, there are pictograms mentioned in the tyre label for snowy and icy conditions. The snow grip pictogram will be mentioned on winter and all-season tyres that deliver the expected snow performance. On the other hand, the ice grip pictogram is shown only on winter tyres with excellent ice performance. These tyres are specifically designed for roads covered with ice and snow. They provide better handling and grip as compared to others.


  • The QR code and the tyre – this label provides you easy access to product details in the European product database. You can scan the code and get all the product info mentioned there itself.
  • Noise Rating – in the new tyre label regulation the noise level is sorted into A, B or C. Same as before it is measured in decibels.
  • Fuel Efficiency – in the updated tyre label regulations, the fuel efficiency will range from class A to class E, now it has 5 classes stead of 7. ‘A’ implies the best fuel efficiency, whereas ‘E’ implies the worst. It now includes an electricity lightning symbol, which will be applied on electric vehicles and combustion vehicles as well.
  • Wet Conditions – similar to the fuel efficiency, the wet grip has also been ranged from A to E or between A and E. The ‘A’ rating for wet grip means shorter braking distance and ‘E’ means longest braking distance.

Garages today offer tyres with updated tyre labels. They have all types of tyres like Summer, All-season and Winter Tyres London, all with the lasted tyre labels mentioned on them. If you notice any of your tyres without labels, you should immediately talk to your dealer.

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