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The Basic Information On Tyre Treads

Information On Tyre Treads

Information On Tyre Treads

Welcome to heaven for automobile geeks. If you have surfed the waves of the internet to reach this blog, you are one of the few people that nurture a deep interest in cars and their different parts.

If you are an owner of one, then you are going to enjoy using Dunlop Tyres Wolverhampton for your next adventure. Now that you have landed here let’s get a little deeper into the concept of tyre treads. Being the enthusiast that you are, you might be able to appreciate all of this information. 


The first major rubber tyres were white and made from pure rubber. The rubber derived from plant sources has a very muted white colour and that’s all that was used to make tyres. These tyres did not ultimately stand the test of time, as we already know. These tyres were very tough to keep clean. They were unclean and hence marred the appearance of the entire car.

Natural rubber is also very susceptible to heat and melting. Driving these cars on a rough road for a long time or on a warm day was getting increasingly more painful. These tyres would also turn out to be expensive since natural rubber needs to be sourced from the trees. Using pure rubber was proving to be costly. 

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These tyres would, even under extreme careful use, get worn down easily. This is when the research conducted, led to the use of carbon black was popularized. This adulteration was intentional and as a result, made the tires cooler. Not just in aesthetics and cleanliness, but these tyres were, in fact, capable of avoiding overheating.

Later in the 21st century, around the year 2007, silica was introduced as the material for car tyres. Hence the beginning of the modernization of the car tyres. Silica, to put in perspective, is what sand is made of. So, as you can imagine, it is a strong material that is quite resistant to heat. 

Nowadays, the base material remains the same, and steel wires and strong metal frames are used for maintaining its integrity and longevity. 


In the eyes of common folk, tyre treads might look like they are there to provide an aesthetic for the car. IT might also be interpreted as a marketing tactic by the company and that they might want to keep their unique tyre marks everywhere the cargoes. 

While all those are quite valid assumptions, with quite unbeatable logic, that’s not all that the tyre treads serve. These tyre treads are here for many more reasons than might meet the eye.  In this world of commercialization, car treads are a marvellous marketing tactic. IT even plays with the mind a little. 

Treads and Aquaplaning

Sports cars ‘sport’ a tread that looks like arrows. They all point in one direction and are very aesthetically aligned. It adds to the sporty look that the car company is going for. A marvellous marketing tactic, if you will. But other than aesthetic purposes, this tyre pattern is useful in avoiding aquaplaning. 

Aquaplaning is the phenomenon where; a thin layer of water is built up between the tyre and the road. The car loses its grip because of the loss of friction. This may cause dangerous accidents. When this happens, the driver loses control of the car and becomes prone to accidents. This type of treading hence makes the car safe to drive on moderate amounts of snow and wet roads.

Seasonal Tyres

Tyres are built with particular terrain and weather conditions in mind. There are separate tyre recommendations for different seasons, such as winter, summer, and all seasons. These tyres are specifically designed to provide the best experience with specific weather conditions. 

For example, summer tyres are built to be able to provide comfortable rides on wet and dry roads. It is crafted to make sure that the material does not get dehydrated and cracks under excess heat. 

The tyres that are meant for winter use, are crafted to provide you safe rides on snowy and wet roads. The material is designed to stay plump and avoid cracking even at low temperatures. 

For new car owners, Tyres Wolverhampton will provide the greatest first experience in quality tyres. It might be a little confusing for new car owners to understand how important it is to learn more about their particular model of car, but they will get there eventually. But for you and your fellow automobile nerd colleagues, here is all you need to fuel up for your next meeting. 

Tire treads are the grooves, or channels, on the outer surface of a tyre. These grooves serve to channel away water and also aid in traction in both wet and dry conditions. Though they are called “treads,” most tyres provide one single large groove in the centre of the tyre, rather than multiple smaller “treads.” The deeper these grooves are, the more likely the tyre will perform well in wet surfaces.  Traction is also dependent on other factors such as weather conditions, vehicle weight, and vehicle speed.


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