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Learn to Cook 5 Easy Recipes

Easy Recipes

Everybody has to start somewhere. This is why we’ve created this small , but huge collection of easy recipes for complete novices. We’re talking can-hardly-boil-water beginners. Perhaps you’ve just completed your college degree and are completely on your own as the only time. Or maybe you’ve never grasped the art of cooking. Do not fret! These recipes — which range from a tuna mayo that doesn’t require cooking to a rice bowl, to oven-roasted chicken legs, topped with lemons and potatoes — are an excellent starting point.

French Toast

If you’re facing an uneasy day, you should start with a bang: few dishes are more delicious than truly good French toast. In this instance you’re using the regular sandwich bread. It can be particularly custardy since it’s thin soft, soft, and cooks rapidly and evenly.

However, sourdough bread or milk bread, as well as Brioche all work as well. Simply give the slices some time to soak up the rich, eggy liquid before they are placed in the pan. If you are looking for free Online Recipes then Click:


This is your chance to demonstrate (and show off) your culinary skills. All you need to prepare this guacamole are an adequate bowl, fork and some elbow grease. Mash your avocados et al. until smooth or chunky if you’re keen on contrasts in textures. 

Take the time to experiment with tasting at each step by adding salt as you go before deciding whether or not to put in jalapenos seeds to add some heat, and adding additional lime juice if you prefer your guacamole to be tart. Make sure you clean you hands immediately after handling jalapenos.

Roasted Mixed Vegetables

Maybe you’ve heard about the benefits of cooking with sheet pans. If you’re busy with limited funds and time or a few picky foodies to feed, sheet pan cooking is a great option. You’ll be amazed by the delicious, satisfying dishes you can make using only sheets of pans, such as the easy roasted vegetables can be mixed-and-matched to your preferences.

Turkey Chili

What better method to feed a large audience than this delicious turkey chili? (It’s also a fantastic method to cook a lot of food for yourself. Leftovers can last for days in the fridge, or for up to a months in your freezer.) 

The recipe begins by cooking onions and tomatoes that you can eat in olive oil, before adding chipotles and chili powder to the mix to add the spice and heat. You’ll need to let it simmer for about 20 minutes and you’ll be able to trust that, just like these recipes, the method is effective.

Broiled Salmon With Mustard

Sheet pans aren’t only great to cook vegetables. They can also be put for use when you want to incorporate protein into the mix, like in this flash-broiled salmon. 

There are many ways to spice up your salmon, including mustard and brown sugar, miso and mirin, citrus and herbs as long as you stick to the broiling plan.

Easy Recipes Final Words:

It’s great to cook complex recipes, but sometimes having a smaller grocery list makes it more convenient. (And and the fact that it’s generally less expensive, unless the list includes heavily laden with fish or meat). We’ve compiled several recipes that require just eight ingredients or less including cheesy eggs and delicious scrambled eggs , to noodles or congee.

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