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All you Need to Know about Flatbed Truck Equipment

Flatbed Truck

Using a flatbed truck is the best option for the transportation of heavy machinery or materials. But you should take care of the maintenance of your flatbed trucks before using them. So, you must have all the essential equipment for flatbed trucks. There are many types of flatbed equipment with different purposes. All the flatbed equipment is necessary for the flatbed trucks to cover and protect it. Furthermore, they will be very helpful on the flatbed trucks during transportation by truck. Therefore, we are going to explain below the types and uses of flatbed equipment.

  • Flatbed Truck Straps

There are three types of flatbed truck straps with different uses. So, we are going to explain these straps with their uses down here.

Ratchet Straps: The manufacturers make this type of strap stronger to protect flatbed trucks. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to use ratchet straps for the trucks if you want to save time.

E-Track Straps: This type of flatbed truck strap can easily fit between the ribs in the bed of the flatbed truck. Furthermore, the e-track straps are less attractive in looks but are stronger than other straps.

Winch Straps: The manufacturers make this type of strap to keep your hand and fingers out of the area when you are fitting the straps to the flatbed trucks. Therefore, the winch straps commonly slip on the hook of the cable after opening the gate.

  • Flatbed Truck Tarps

The truck tarp is one of the most equipment on flatbed trucks. Furthermore, there are many types of tarps available for flatbed trucks. So, we will explain some of these tarps with their uses down below.

Heavy-Duty Tarps: These tarps are the most usual equipment to cover the flatbed trucks for every side. Furthermore, heavy-duty tarps are made specially to protect the stationery things such as stored outdoors.

Light-Weight Tarps: The light-weight tarps are very light so you can easily use them on flatbed trucks. Therefore, these tarps are usually to cover steel rods, machines, and steel cables when you are transporting them by flatbed trucks.

Tarp Repair Kits: You must have a tarp repair kit for flatbed trucks while transporting. Furthermore, tarp repair kits are best for making repairs on the road in case of emergency.

  • Blankets & Corner Protectors

There are usually two types of blankets and corner protectors for flatbed trucks. So, we will explain these protectors with their uses down below.

Corner & Edge Protectors: The manufacturers design the corner and edge protectors to secure both your straps and cargo from friction and pressure when you are transporting by flatbed trucks. Furthermore, straps can take damage over time so corner and edge protectors are perfect for protection.

Moving Blankets: Both professional and beginner drivers use the moving blankets on flatbed trucks. The moving blankets are perfect for the protection of items that have wooden surfaces. Furthermore, these blankets can also protect the items that have sensitive items and require extra padding.

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