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Need Hidden Screen Recorder For Whatsapp In Your Life

Need Hidden Screen Recorder For Whatsapp In Your Life

Have you ever think about living life where there is no social media or instant message chat app. You need Hidden screen recorder for monitor digital devices. Let’s just go all the way imagine living in a world free of the internet and smart gadget. How do you feel? I am sure some of us will go crazy. I agree most of us will. Let’s think with a cool mind there will be no Instagram, no showoff of lavish vacation or gym workout photos, breaking news no nothing. Well, all will live in peace.

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  Don’t get me wrong I am in the no social media phase recently. I mistakenly clicked on the college class fellow profile and liked a photo of her and now I just want to disappear from planet earth. Just want to make the social media disappear. Anyway enough of the personal rant but there are pros and cons of social media and the internet. They have been used to manipulate our minds and control our opinions.

All this technology and we are here for it but some precautionary measure can’t hurt I guess. So if you are a social, instant message chat app or internet user which most of us no doubt are then you might have also heard about the term android spying app or monitoring software. Well, this is the new mandatory and makes things so much easy to use.

Screen Recorder for Social Media Is Important

Instant messages applications are by numerous in light of the fact that they offer free message as well as in view of additional like emoticons. The choice to share media records like video, pictures, recordings, documents, archives, sound notes. With the spy applications users can check media content shared through the application too. Parents can even block any website or triggering content from your teen’s devices. The children were harassing him and that only his reaction which got caught by one of the teachers. That individual data or photograph document can make the casualty of cyberbullying or harassment stalking.

Some of spy apps that used to monitoring especially WhatsApp along with other social media apps.

Screen Recorder Whatsapp Spy Apps And Their Usage

There are different tools to have a look at your teen activities. Some of them with detailed features given here:


On top of our android spy app and social media monitoring feature like hidden screen recorder of Whatsapp is the OgyMogy. The spy app offers features in the form of a package and is a cloud-based app. That means all the data recordings saved on the dashboard and the user has remote access to the recording data. The installation takes not more than 5 minutes and variety of package based on monthly, yearly, and seasonal deals make it easy for the user to select the one that is light on their pocket. OgyMogy spy app is that it offers different versions like android, Mac, and Windows for cellphone, tablets, personal desktop computers, and laptops. It’s a multi-purpose app and offers a variety of parental control and employee monitoring features. Social media apps covered by OgyMogy are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram. Skype, Viber, and more.


Spyera software is one that used to check WhatsApp. Besides this, it also provides information about messages, calls, Facebook. Both android and iPhones can be monitored by it. In addition to smartphones, you can also monitor Windows operating systems.

TheOneSpy Best Screen Recorder

has a superb feature called a “keylogger” by which you can have the detail of every word they are typing. TheOneSpy phone spy software helps in tracking location, grabbing screenshots, screen recording and detecting foul words of any conversation.


A smart tool, installed to check where your loved ones are right now, shared media especially snaps that disappears after some seconds even the deleted ones. Moreover, you can check messages too. It is not free but has a refund policy.


has an amazing feature. You can set some absurd, vicious or vulgar words on your kid’s device and when they will get messages including those words, you will be informed within seconds. It can be used in limiting screen time, blocking inappropriate applications, safe web surfing, and detecting porn stuff too.


This app can tell you the location of your child, can take screenshots, provides call logs and group conversations.

With the huge success and freedom of social media, many problems regarding privacy, lack of communication and emotions, inappropriate way of expressing feelings, lack of understandings and increasing misunderstandings, protect cyber security, diminished concentrations have raised. Though it is unethical to poke your nose in every matter of your teens, we love them to bits, and any misshape to them can cause immense pain to us too. So for their safety, we have to choose some alternate ways.

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