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Homeowner’s Guide To Install Solar Panels: 5 Steps You Need To Know

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It’s time to say goodbye to expensive electricity bills and invest in solar panels. The bright potential of solar panels has become more attractive across U.S. homes solar installation company Orlando

The U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy report reveals that the solar energy market is growing fast as people heavily invest in it due to its affordability and accessibility. 

After the COP26 summit, sustainability, net-zero carbon emission, energy storage, and renewables became buzzwords to protect the climate. In this climate protection race, the first thing that comes into our mind is green energy, i.e., solar energy.

Solar energy is more prevalent than ever before, and this has led to 35x more solar panels installations in the U.S., and this figure is expected to double by 2023. And what’s most interesting is that the cost of solar panels has dropped by almost 50%. So, if you also want to move towards green energy, it’s time to switch to solar power.

But installing solar panels on your own can be challenging. It will be best if you hire a solar contractor for installation. These professionals are highly experienced and can effortlessly install solar panels. Choosing the right and affordable solar contractor becomes more crucial if you live in Orlando, as Florida has no solar energy constitutional amendment. So, it’s always recommended to contact the best and affordable Laker Building Supplies Pulborough to reduce pressure on your pockets. 

Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision for your home and wallet.

5 Steps You Need To Know Before Solar Installation

Step 1: Check your local financial incentives

In most U.S. states, the government offers incentives to install solar panels to reduce the use of fossil fuels in electricity generation. But states like Florida still don’t provide any incentives, which is why this sunshine state is far behind in the race of solar installation.

Typically, the financial incentives from the government come in two forms:

Investment subsidies: In this type of incentive, the partial cost of solar installation is refunded.

Feed-in tariffs or net metering: You can sell the solar energy you produce to the electricity utility operating the grid by applying for this type of incentive.

Other incentives in the USA, i.e., Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (a performance-based solar energy incentive), allow homeowners to earn more income from power generation.

Step 2: Measure your energy use

It is the most crucial factor determining how much energy you want to generate from solar panels and the number of solar panels you require. A good solar contractor will help you measure your energy use.

By knowing how much energy your house consumes, you can estimate the number of solar panels you need to install to cover your requirements.

Plus, solar contractors will help you decide the correct position for the solar panels depending on when you use energy: morning, middle, or evening. 

Step 3: Choose the right technology

When choosing a photovoltaic solar technology, multiple types of technologies are available in the market. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon are the two main options you can opt for. 

The difference is their efficiency; Monocrystalline silicon panels offer slightly higher efficiency than polycrystalline. The other important thing is that you should consider the solar panel brand as the brand name is a trust between business and customer. Choosing the right solar brand will have a significant impact on the energy generation and durability of the panels.

Step 4: Decide the correct positioning

The position of solar panels has a significant impact on how much energy can solar panels generate a day. Here is a guide to choosing the right direction for solar installation.

  • South Direction: If you live in the northern part, go for south positioning. A study reveals that a south-facing roof has more exposure to sunlight. Hence solar panels in the south direction can give you more output.
  • North Direction:  Likewise, the north-facing roof has maximum exposure to sunlight in the southern hemisphere.
  • East Direction: East Direction is ideal if you prefer solar-energy generation in the morning.
  • West Direction: A west-facing direction would be preferable if you use most of the energy in the evening instead of in the middle of the day.

Compared to equator-facing solar panels, west and east-facing solar panels generate less energy. However, you can optimize your electricity usage by installing battery or feed-in tariffs.

Step 5: Choose an excellent solar contractor

Choosing an excellent solar contractor is as important as selecting the right solar technology, especially when choosing solar installation company Orlando. A solar contractor not only installs solar panels but also:

  • Analyze your specific requirements
  • Advice you on the best technology and affordable installation
  • Complete the required permits and paperwork
  • Ensure the working of solar panels


Solar panels are the new hype in the market; however, it’s not new, but people are currently investing more in solar installation. Solar panels are often quoted as “One-time Investment,” so why go for poor technology and contractors. Experts always recommend choosing certified and experienced solar contractors as they can meet your expectations. If you are also looking for a reputable and experienced solar installation company, Orlando, Prolific Ghost Writing is a perfect choice. They have years of excellence in providing the most effective energy-saving solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Contact these professionals now and take their advice to make an informed decision.

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