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Benefits of Point-of-Purchase Displays in Retail Marketing

benefit of point of purchase displays is they can help catch a customer's attention when they are in the store

POP display Retail Marketing, short for point-of-purchase display, has to offer many advantages to retail stores and business owners.

Today, the popularity of e-commerce shopping continues to rise, and for brick and mortar stores, it is a challenge to fight back and stay on top. However, there is one way to get more money from consumers in retail stores – push for the impulse purchase. Point-of-purchase (POP) displays do not just give retailers a chance to bring individual items into the spotlight; it encourages impulsive buying to consumers. A POP that is well designed and properly placed in a store layout gives retailers the edge in the competition – if used consistently and strategically.

The Importance of POP

Based on recent studies, most purchasing decisions – approximately 70 percent – are made in-store. It means even if customers bring a shopping list, they still compare options placed on the shelf to find which product they save more. Therefore, to cut through the competition and improve sales, retail stores must maximize the use of POP displays and signage.

Draw Attention to Products

Have you always aimed to target a massive audience and promote your business products? If yes, then POP displays are a perfect solution to serve your needs.

It attempts to directly ramp up your sales volume. If you’re thinking “how?” Then, let me explain.

POP displays try to catch the customer’s eye when they are shopping for specific products in a retail store. With visually appealing POP displays, you can leave a significant impact on your shoppers with very little help.

Purpose of POP

Often, POP Retail Marketing is a more reactive approach to marketing – it is rarely emphasized in a retail store’s marketing plan. Others make use of it to counter competitor promotions; some want to showcase price benefits. Generally, cereal aisles in supermarkets show coupon offers for a dollar off if consumers will get three boxes. However, retailers must be cautious in using POP promotions as they may discount the value of the brand in the future.

Types of POP

Temporary – Last for only a couple of months. Usually, they feature promotions, discounts, or seasonal product promotions. Most of the time, these displays are construction from inexpensive cardboard.

Semi-permanent – It is also known as off-shelf display or secondary display. It lasts at least three months up to a year. Generally, these displays have better design quality.

Permanent – They are less common – last for years and commonly used as an option for notable brands.

Helps customers make their decision inside the retail store

When in retail, salespeople must be trained to do this one big task – learn to overcome objections. On the brighter side, POP displays play the role of a salesperson – and there’s no need to train!

Cost-Effective Marketing Idea

Understandably, in current times, marketing is essential in business to help you sell your products and ramp up sales volume.

The core purpose of marketing is to increase revenue and make more money. But, it is entirely impossible to generate more cash when you’re already spending so much money on expensive marketing tools.

Therefore, when it comes to promoting your business, your marketing team must consider cost-effective marketing ideas that can promise quality results. POP displays are one of the budget-friendly marketing ideas to encourage the sales of your products.

Provides a unique and personalized experience to shoppers

Hence, POP displays are more than just attention-getting ads for a retail store to draw interest in products.

Moreover, adding interactive features in shelves displays like QR codes, promotional offers, lighting, or a touch-screen display provides retail shoppers more reasons to take a few minutes to stop and consider adding a few additional products to their cart on that day. One of the ways to add these functionalities is by installing Electronic Shelf Labels.

Allows retail infusion of the psychology of color

Keep in mind that all POP displays Retail Marketing must have a CTA – call to action! Colors such as red and orange are excellent choices if there’s a need to show aggressiveness, while yellow and green are perceived along with relaxation, wealth, and happiness.

These five essential factors why POP displays Retail Marketing should be utilized must be taken into account – this will help retailers see how POP displays could be helpful to increase sales. While retailers don’t want to overload their shoppers with displays, colors, and lights, placing and crafting POP displays will help boost sales.

One way to improve your POP display execution is by upgrading your shelves. Shelves are a significant factor in launching promotions as it is the spot where ads are placed, particularly POP displays – products are more natural to find! If you are looking for ways on how you can improve promotions in your retail store – we are here to help! SoluM ESL provides advanced labeling using LED, buttons, sensors, and other promotional solutions – very helpful for POP marketing. For inquiries, visit Solum ESL website today

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